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Building Certification

Zero Energy is a Passivhaus accredited building certifier with five years of international experience on many projects of different sizes and typologies. Keep your timeline on track and within budget by working with an accredited certifier from the initial design phase. Only through Passivhaus certification can you assure your building will perform as initially planned. Starting the certification process before work commences will help to avoid common pitfalls and minimise risk in your Passivhaus project.


Do you want to know more about the Passivhaus standard? Or become an internationally accredited Passivhaus Designer, Tradesperson or PHPP Expert?

We are one of the few official Passivhaus trainers in the UK qualified to provide internationally accredited expert training and organise exams to help you to become Passivhaus Designer, Tradesperson or PHPP Expert.

Additionally, we have a large track record of in-house and tailored courses covering any topic related to Passivhaus construction. Our courses are high quality, personalised and give our participants the best learning experience applied to real projects.

Building Testing

We offer a range of non-destructive building tests to ensure the strict requirements of Passivhaus standards and low-energy buildings are successfully achieved.

Our testing services include Blower door airtightness, room fire integrity, in situ dynamic U-value measuring, and window permeability class classification.

We also specialise in compensated air volume flow measurements for ventilation systems and indoor air quality testing and monitoring.

Passivhaus Consultancy

At Zero Energy, we provide thorough, high-level consultancy services for designing and building Passivhaus and EnerPHit projects of any size and typology. Our accredited Passivhaus Designers and PHPP Experts can offer full technical support, collaborate with your design team, and deliver informed, professional and impartial advice at every stage, from pre-planning until certification.

For businesses?

Each of our bespoke training programs are tailored to the specific needs of your company and employees.

There is a wide range of courses available for construction and architectural practices, carpenters, engineers, HVAC installers, real estate agents, or even local authorities.

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Jesus is an absolute ROCK STAR when it comes to passive house. I first met him at the international Passivhaus conference and he was keen to help me achieve my ambitions. Although we didn’t work together initially, when we finally did, the knowledge he brought to the table has catapulted PureHaus forward. Zero Energy is a fantastic team of talented engineers, architects and trainers 100% focused on passive house and sustainable construction. I can recommend working with the team whether you need an retrofit assessment, buildings design, engineering, MVHR design, PHPP, training to certification. Further more, I can honestly say that I have not worked with a company more integrity, drive to educate and desire to change the construction industry for the better than Zero Energy, and this is all down to Jesus and his commitment to buildings better world. Jesus and his team can provide customers with a short cut to zero.

David Bradley-Bowles, Pure Haus

Excellent certification service.
They were very helpful and informative throughout the process.

Brendan Powell, Passivhaus Home Owner

Hugest thanks and congrats on delivering the Tradesperson course to us all in such a thorough, knowledgeable and calm way!!! You are a great teacher and show us all up with how much you know!

Claire Jamieson, PHI Architecture

Passivhaus Certifier with extensive practical experience, able of supporting the project from early engagement all the way to the end of it.

Lucia Savastano, Cundall

An excellent and informative Passivhaus Tradesperson course.

Andy Pickup, Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson