Airtightness experts

We are committed to ensuring your buildings are as energy-efficient as possible.

With our cutting-edge equipment, we can help you to accurately test your building for measuring airtightness.

Our scope includes different non-destructive tests that can be used during construction or after your building is finished. 

Multiple tests needed? Check our renting options.

Blower door test mini

It is a compact yet powerful tool for measuring building airtightness. Despite its smaller size, it provides accurate readings and is perfect for smaller projects or buildings.

Blower door test standard

It is our comprehensive solution for assessing airtightness. It’s designed for larger buildings and offers precise measurements, helping to identify areas of air leakage and improve energy efficiency.

Acoustic camera

Leak detection is made easier for building acoustics with the Sorama CAM iV64 sound camera. By visualizing a wide frequency range, air leaks on the building fabric are easy to detect.

Thermal imaging

Our Thermal Imaging service uses advanced cameras to detect heat loss, insulation defects, and thermal bridges in your building. This non-invasive method provides a visual representation of your building’s energy efficiency, helping to identify areas for improvement.

Blower Door test


Our services include Blower door testing according to BS ISO 9972 & 13829, room fire integrity, and in-situ window permeability class classification.

We rent the equipment out for you to test the building at your own pace and provide in-house training on how to use the Blower Door fan and understand the outcome of the procedure.


Thermal imaging

We use top-tier thermal imaging cameras to detect and visualise your building’s heat loss, insulation defects, and thermal bridges. This not only helps identify potential energy wastage areas but also aids in formulating strategies for improved energy efficiency. Our thermal imaging services are a non-invasive and effective way to ensure your building is well-insulated and energy-optimized


At Zero Energy, we provide thorough, high-level consultancy services for designing and building Passivhaus and EnerPHit projects of any size and typology. Our accredited Passivhaus Designers and PHPP Experts can offer full technical support, collaborate with your design team, and deliver informed, professional and impartial advice at every stage, from pre-planning until certification.